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6 Factors That Affect TV Antenna Reception

Just because you have TV antenna installation performed doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re guaranteed the best quality TV reception at all times. By the very nature of the technology that you’re using, a wide range of different variables could make reception better or worse at any given moment. By understanding a little bit more about what can cause TV antenna installation reception issues, you put yourself in a better position to correct these problems when they do occasionally crop up. This allows you to guarantee that you won’t miss even a minute of the shows and movies that you love so much.

Choosing the Right Antenna

Perhaps the biggest factor that affects TV antenna reception is the antenna that you’ve chosen to have installed in the first place. Though the underlying broadcast technology is always the same (as you have no control over the source of the transmission), different antennas are very much designed for different situations. If you live in the suburbs near the source of the transmission, you don’t need a piece of equipment that is as powerful as you would if you lived in a rural area without a broadcast tower in sight. Geographical limitations may require you to purchase a high-powered outdoor antenna, for example. By choosing the right antenna in the first place, you’ll find that a large number of the issues that you’re prone to running into are invalid.


As previously stated, another factor that affects TV antenna reception is the distance you are away from the broadcast source. As a broadcast TV signal travels farther and farther, the strength of that signal decreases a little bit more over great distances. If you live far away from every local broadcast channel in your area, you may find that every station comes in over the air with poor quality. One of the ways that you can fix this issue is to have a signal booster or amplifier installed at the same time that your antenna installation is performed. This device will take the signal that it receives and make it stronger before passing it onto your TV set, guaranteeing superior picture and sound quality at all times.
TV antenna reception problems


If you have multiple television sets in your home that you want to be able to use to watch over the air broadcasts, your natural instinct may be to install a splitter and use the same antenna to send the same signal in multiple directions. This is another one of the major factors that affects TV antenna reception, as the signal will naturally weaken every time it is split for transmission. In this type of situation, you would likely need to install either a pre-amplifier or a distribution amplifier (or both) to insure that the signal is strong enough to be sent to the multiple television sets that you happen to own. This will help to make sure that everyone can enjoy crystal clear video and high definition audio at all times.
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