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1. Experience and Training

  • When it comes to my television signal, I want someone with experience! The way we watch TV is changing dramatically, with 18 years in business Picture Perfect provides quality service and technical expertise!We all believe in ongoing training to keep up with the latest changes and advancements in our field.


2. On Time! Every Time!

  • You book in a time for a professional to attend your property, the professional should turn up. Not that hard is it? We agree! We are proud to say, we don’t miss appointments. Our booking procedure and computerised booking means we turn up!


3. Right Job at the Right Price!

  • In a competitive market it’s important that we provide a quality service using quality products without breaking the bank. From the early days of Picture Perfect we have has written on the office wall, The Right Job and the Right Price.


4. Family owned

  • Why is this important? Cause the buck stops here. Franchises and subcontractors do not provide that same level of consistency. All our guys are employees. They are paid to provide a service to you. They aren’t trying to sell you things and rush things to get to the next job to move onto the next job. Their job is to provide quality service. And if you have a concern, one call to us is all it takes, no getting passed around with blame shifting from contractor to franchisee. The buck stops here!


5. Local Business – Local Knowledge

  • We have been solving reception problems around here for almost 2 decades. Local knowledge of signals is invaluable. We know where the good and bad signal spots are, local interferences and all sorts of little quirks relating to signal. How does this help? It means we can find the problem faster! Ultimately saving you money.


6. Warranty

  • There are so many new TV Antenna business’s popping up at the moment all thinking there is a quick buck to be made with the swap over to digital. I find it amazing that companies offer warranties that are longer than the time they have even been in business. Warranties are only as good as the company, if the company doesn’t exist next year, neither does your warranty.


7. Quality Products

  • The other 6 points don’t matter if you are installing the right stuff. We carry a huge array of brands and product types to make sure we use the right product for the job. And, we purchase most of our products from a family owned supplier right here in Brisbane!