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1. The Aerial

  • Age – Is it still performing OK? Is it a digital aerial?
  • Location – Where is it mounted? Is it in a good Signal Location?
  • Direction – Where is it pointing? Is it pointing in the right direction for the incoming signal?

2. Cable

  • Cable these days is pretty resilient. If the cable is say, less than 10 or 15 years old, it is probably fine for digital. If it is old brown cable or air spaced cable it will need to be replaced. Kinks and squashed cable can also be sources of problems.

3. Splitters and Wall Plates

  • These 2 items are usually the last place we look. However, in storm season we look at them first. Lightning strikes can cause problems with splitters and some wall plates.

4. Tunning

  • All new TV’s have an automatic tuning feature. Once they are tuned in right the first time, they should be right for good. If this changes, it might be that the TV has a fault.

5. Connecting lead

  • Thousands on a TV, hundreds on an Aerial system. Don’t let it all come down to a one dollar cheap lead that joins the 2. We find this is a part of the problem a lot of the time.

6. Amplifier and Booster

  • Firstly, amplifiers and boosters are the same thing. Like all products there are quality ones and cheap and nasty ones. Cheap ones can sometimes cause more problems than you started with. Sometimes they can even amplify the problem. Bad signal does not mean low signal therefore amplifiers aren’t always the answer.

7. Interference

  • Computers, Air Conditioners, Power lines are just some of the things that can cause problems with your digital reception.