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Television reception is not rocket science but still it is better to have it setup by professionals. In the proximity of the transmitting station the digital signal might be too strong for your digital TV or your Set Top Box / PVR and will cause reception problems such as poor or weak signal situations.

Mast Head Amplifiers

For poor signal areas (but still good quality) we can install a Mast Head Amplifier which usually has excellent results. This solution is preferred when no main power supply is available close to the Aerial installation position. The Mast Head Amplifier is powered over the signal cable itself using as special PSU (power source unit). The main advantages of Mast Head Amplifier are the improvement of Digital Antenna Signal and low noise levels.

Main Amplifiers – Distribution

If the situation where multiple reception point installation is requested we recommend the installation of a Distribution Amplifier to ensure excellent digital quality to all TV sets. Amplifiers are carefully chosen after cable and signal strength measurement. All models are fully screened to give you excellent digital reception experience.

Power Amplifiers

For special situations and MATV systems (Master Antenna TV) used in large buildings with 100+ reception points we can install Power Amplifiers which are very high gain Amplifiers. This solution is also applied when the signal must be transmitted down very long cable to overcome the signal attenuation.

With 18+ years of experience in Antenna Installation Picture Perfect is always the best solution for reception problems. Complete our contact form to book a free onsite quote and our technicians will conduct a technical analysis of signal strength and give you the perfect solution to get crystal clear digital quality.

Pricing Guide

Reception Assessment / Quotation – $FREE

Test Digital Signal with Field Strength Meter.
Advise client on requirements to install (new) or upgrade (existing) system for Digital Reception.
Provide Quote to complete the install / upgrade.

Amplifier Installation – $240-340

Supply and install a Masthead Amplifier to boost weaker signals.
Connection of Amplifier and Power Supply.

Replacement of Splitter in ceiling if required to allow power passing.

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