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What is Digital TV?

Digital Television is an advanced broadcasting technology that refers to the sending and receiving of video and audio information by means of digitally modulated signals. It replaces analog TV broadcasting and allows stations to offer better picture and sound quality. Digital TV can also provide a host of additional video and data services not possible in analog broadcasting. Examples are the offering of on-air electronic program guides (EPG), multiple programs, and interactive services that can be used for TV shopping and on-air polls, to name a few.

Now that the transition to Digital TV is ongoing, the question among many is if they can still use their old analog TV sets to receive digital TV broadcast. The answer is a big yes and all they need is a digital-to-analog converter better known as a set top box. It will allow the reception of digital broadcast, which however will not be displayed in high definition format. In addition, analog TV sets can still work with DVD players and your gaming consoles. To be able to view Full HD programs that digital TV has to offer, new HDTV displays with built-in digital tuners are required.

Digital TV is on the air now and ready for you to enjoy the high-quality viewing experience it has to offer. Analog TV will soon be a thing of the past so you should make the switch to digital now.

Digital free-to-air TV consists of the same TV channels you currently receive through analog television, as well as some additional channels ( See here for a complete list ) are expected to be progressively adding new digital channels and content over the next few years.

The switching off of Analog will take place between 2010 and 2013 in a phasing in approach around Australia.
Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are all planned for between 1st January 2013 to 30th June 2013.

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