NAS proudly announced a partnership for Australasia for Grundig head end distribution systems. Which was established in 2004 after a management/engineering buy-out of the Grundig AG company. Thereafter, GSS has rapidly established a high profile across Europe as a leading developer and manufacturer of digital head-end RF systems, multiple-subscriber network systems and turnkey RF distribution systems.

Through Picture Perfect Aerial Installations we can supply, install and service a broad range of digital modulators including standard definitino (SD) or High Definition (HD). Having installed in different applications the following:
* Kingray
* Novonde
* Resilinx
* others

GSS digital head-end equipment consists of several levels according to required specifications. Firstly, the Basic Grade equipment is made to achieve performance and price point levels of some well known Italian, Spanish and Chinese OEM brands. While, modules consist of PCB cards inserted into a midsized chassis.

The Standard Grade is designed to meet every expectation for commercial MATV installers worldwide. This equipment has similar performance to the well known German brands, and priced attractively to suit “real world” installations. On the other hand, modules claim greater than 50dB C/N as standard. All the while, being fully enclosed and shielded and compatible with local or remote control. Their housings suit 19″ rack systems or stand alone wall and shelf installations.

The Professional Grade system consists of similar modules and housings to the Standard Grade, but with 60dB C/N performance and extensive remote control and monitoring solutions.

digital modulation devices at Picture Perfect
8 Module Wall or Shelf System at Picture Perfect
8 Module 19 inch Rack System at Picture Perfect
Single Module 19 inch Rack System at Picture Perfect
Module Control Unit at Picture Perfect
A 8 Module 19 inch Rack System at Picture Perfect
An 8 Module Wall Shelf System at Picture Perfect
Multi-channel Digital Modulator Transmodulator at Picture Perfect
Two-channel MPEG Digital Encoder at Picture Perfect