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Ideas For Wall-Mounted Flat-Screen TVs

Flat, curved, projected: whatever you choose, TVs now look totally different from their cathode ray tube predecessors. Smaller in depth but wider in screen, many new owners of the latest Smart TV find their existing TV furniture set-up no longer works with their sleek new home cinema system.
Here at Picture Perfect, one of the perks of the job is working with home owners to come up with the ideal set-up for screens in any room, and one of the most popular options with flat screens is to mount them on the wall.
wall mounted tv

Moving Pictures

TV wall mounting basically boils down to two options. First, you can use a fixed mount so the TV is stable and exactly where you want it. Alternatively, you can choose a swivel mount, so the screen can be tilted and adjusted for people viewing in different locations.
The first option is great if your space is limited and you are only watching TV from one big, comfy sofa. A stable wall mount is sleek and allows your TV to sit almost flush to the wall. Option two works better in larger open-plan rooms so you can see the screen from different angles. However, having a tilt-and-swivel TV can take up a surprising amount of space and, naturally, extends out from the wall much further than the flat mount.

The Black Box

The problem is, of course, that when your TV isn’t in use, a wide screen can be quite a noticeable addition to your décor. We like to work with our customers to find a solution and can fix up your antenna installation wherever it suits you in your home.
Thanks to slimmer designs, a TV can be mounted almost anywhere now: across a corner, on a sliding ceiling mount, above a fireplace, even inside an unused feature fireplace. So long as you can connect up to the power supply, we can install an antenna connection almost anywhere. At Picture Perfect, we stock a range of super-slim and sleek wall mounting systems so if you have the space, we can position your TV to perfection.

Hide and Seek

Of course, when you’re not watching TV, you might well want to keep it totally out of sight. Secret hatches, hidden ceiling mounts and false walls can all help to hide away an unwanted screen. Unfortunately these solutions aren’t always straightforward and can be messy work.
Thankfully, more and more companies are now creating elegant motorised solutions to the TV conundrum. Most of us are now familiar with the bedroom TV built in to a footboard or popping up from the top of a chest of drawers or an ottoman. There are also engineered mounts which allow you to hide a TV under your bed and have it pop up at the foot of your bed at the push of a button. There are even sliding art frames that can conceal your TV behind a favourite painting.

Calling It Curtains

There are as many solutions to the hidden TV problem as there are homes, but if all else fails, getting crafty and hiding your TV behind a homemade room divider or curtains can be a simple and cheap solution to keeping your TV where you want it without letting it dominate the room. The only problem now is, where do you hide your remote control?