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Indoor vs Outdoor TV Antennas For Reception

When you begin the process of having a TV antenna installed, there are two main options available for you to choose from depending on your needs. Either you can choose to go with a smaller piece of equipment that is installed on the inside of your home, or you can choose to go with an outdoor antenna supplied by Picture Perfect Aerial Installations. Both have their fair share of advantages that can’t be ignored, but it’s important to understand that the specifics of your own situation, as well as factors like the layout and location of your home, should always influence the decision that you eventually make.

Indoor Antennas for TV Reception

One of the major benefits of an indoor antenna for TV reception is that it’s a much smaller piece of equipment that is (comparatively) easier to install. Though professional TV antenna installation is always the method that you’ll want to choose for the best results, it is possible to install an indoor antenna on your own if you’re feeling so inclined. You’ll always want to do so as high on the wall as possible and as close to the exterior of your home as you can get it to insure that you’re getting optimal picture and sound quality at all times.
If you live in a heavily populated area or happen to be located relatively close to the major local TV stations in your area, an outdoor antenna may actually be overkill in your situation. Even if you happened to be experiencing a strong storm, an indoor antenna would likely serve you just fine. It is a much less powerful piece of equipment than an outdoor antenna by its very nature, on the other hand, so you may run into transmission issues that you wouldn’t get with the alternative.
professional outdoor tv antenna installation

Outdoor Antennas for TV Reception

The major benefit of an outdoor antenna for TV reception takes the form of the unparalleled audio and video quality that you can essentially guarantee at just about all times. Because the antenna will be installed on the roof of your home, it has a clear line of sight to all of the broadcasting sources in your area. Things like the thickness of your home’s walls, nearby trees and other greenery and more won’t be an issue that you have to worry about any longer.
The potential downside, however, is one of effort. Not only will an outdoor antenna cost more money than an indoor alternative, but it is also something that you probably won’t be able to install yourself. It’s a delicate piece of technology that needs to be set up just right to get the results that you’re after, so you’re definitely going to want to let a professional company like Picture Perfect handle it from here on out. Some people may also not like the fact that a large TV antenna is permanently installed somewhere on their property, but true TV aficionados are more than willing to accept that as a cost of the great picture and sound that their TV will be displaying.