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Make Your Office Into a Control Centre

Work is seldom seen in feature films, with most heroes and heroines given fascinatingly quirky jobs that never seem to require a full day in the office. The exception to the movie office embargo is for super villains. Here, set designers can go crazy, creating massively complex commercial spaces in unlikely locations. Blofeld’s volcano home-come-control-centre in You Only Live Twice seems just about the most commuter-unfriendly location known to man, with the possible exception of Stromberg’s underwater lair in The Spy Who Loved Me.
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Taking Control Of Your World

We may or may not want to emulate their plans for world domination, but few people aren’t tempted by the idea of a sleek, ordered workplace built around their needs. If you don’t have a Blofeld budget or oodles of aquatic real estate but still want a Bond-style work space, Picture Perfect can help.

Whether you work from home or in a small office, space and good design are key to taking the hard work out of the daily grind. There are few desks that wouldn’t benefit from losing some clutter and few computer users who wouldn’t like the option of an extra monitor if space allowed.

Sleek And Discreet

Increasingly, we are using small mobile devices to get online, including smart phones, notebooks, tablets and laptops, but there are times when a comfortable chair, big screen and access to everything in one place is the only way to really get work done.

Wall-mounting your computer monitors and TV screens can be a great solution, freeing up desk space and creating a more flexible working environment. When planning a home office, big desks can seem tempting, but more often than not they end up being used to hoard piles of paper and can be a distraction rather than a help.

A streamlined desk can free up valuable office space or, if you work from home, valuable living space. By moving screens to the wall, you can install a smaller work surface underneath and have room for other items of furniture, such as a small conference table for meeting clients and colleagues or a comfortable chair for making phone calls.

Designed Around You

Worried about ergonomics? Having your screens wall-mounted keeps your content at eye-level and each monitor can be placed either flush to the wall or on fully adjustable cantilevered mounts. Flush-mounted monitors can blend into the background when not in use, making this a good option if your home office is in a well-used room.

Cantilevered, adjustable arm mounts are great if you have no desk space at all. Setting one up near an existing dining table can create a flexible work space for use in the evenings. This set-up can be particularly effective for monitoring kids’ computer time, as it means you have a screen in the heart of the home that can be discreetly folded back against the wall when homework is over and dinner is served.

Whatever option appeals to you, give Picture Perfect a call on 1300 700 271. We’re happy to discuss the options and come up with a solution to bring out the super villain in you.