MATV / Units

Is your complex Digital Ready?

MATV , or Master Antenna Television is that antenna system designed to distribute signal (analogue and digital) from a central location to multiple TV sets (receivers). This is a professional solution used for buildings with multiple reception locations such as apartment complexes, hotels, motels, hospitals etc.

MATV usually consists in a cable network and specially designed components (amplifiers, modulators, distributors, etc) projected and executed according to special MATV techniques.

Picture perfect engineers, with more than 18 years in field experience have the qualification, certification and expertise of designing, installing and maintaining any MATV system.

As mentioned in the “Information for Landlords and Property Managers” from Australian Government – Digital switchover taskforce, owners or property managers must ensure that they are digital ready and their tenants will be able to receive free-to-air digital TV once the analog signal switch off ( 2013 for Sunshine coast QLD).

We can find optimal solution for installing a new MATV system, upgrading existing one or fix reception problems.

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