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Misconceptions About TV Antennas

Many people assume that if they want to be able to watch all of their favourite films and television shows, they need to spring for an extensive cable television package. While it’s true that cable TV does offer hundreds (and in certain cases) thousands of channels that you won’t find anywhere else, the idea that a TV antenna installation from Picture Perfect Aerial Installations will cause you to miss your favourite content is absolutely inaccurate. Once you begin to clear up a number of common misconceptions about TV antennas, you’ll begin to get a better idea of just how valuable they can really be.

TV Aerial Misconceptions
TV Aerial Misconceptions

Misconception: TV Antenna Installation Won’t Give You Your Favourite Channels

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about TV antenna installation is that if you choose to stick to strictly “free-to-air” broadcasts, you’ll be missing out on a huge number of channels as a result. This is simply not true in any way, shape or form. Depending on the area of the country where you live, a TV antenna with a powerful enough receiver could allow you to enjoy literally dozens of high quality channels day and night. Not only will you get all of your local channels, but you can even pick up channels dedicated to certain types of music, movie channels and more. Many people still think about TV antenna installation the way they did in the 1970s or 1980s when you essentially only received three to five channels over-the-air. Those days are thankfully long gone.

Misconception: The Picture Quality and Sound Won’t Be As Good

Another major misconception about TV antenna installation has to do with the quality of the broadcasts that you’re receiving. After all, when you give hundreds of dollars to a cable television provider each month, you’re paying for a certain number of high definition channels in return. Because you aren’t paying for free-to-air broadcasts at all, you must be getting an inferior quality product, right?

Wrong. Free-to-air broadcasts are not only high definition, but they’re also completely uncompressed. This means that if you were to line up two television sets next to each other and connected one to a TV antenna and another to a cable television box, the TV that was playing content from the TV antenna would always look and sound better. In order to funnel so many hundreds of channels into your home at a moment’s notice, cable providers compress the source – meaning that you take a dip in audio and video quality as a result. TV antenna installation comes with no such restriction, so you absolutely don’t have to worry about poor-looking video or poor-sounding audio at any point.

Misconception: TV Antennas Are Hard to Use

This also couldn’t be farther from the truth. So long as you have your TV antenna installation performed by a professional like Picture Perfect Aerial Installations and you buy the right type of equipment for where you live, you’ll find that you rarely have to interact with your equipment at all. All of Picture Perfect’s highly trained technicians will set you up with the highest quality equipment to suit your digital TV environment. Contact them today for all digital TV antenna installations, TV reception problems, wall mounting and home theatre installs in the Brisbane, Caboolture and Sunshine Coast areas.