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New High-Tech TV? Let Us Set it Up For You 

The new age of digital and Smart TV is upon us and if you haven’t already done so, it’s likely you are thinking of investing in a new TV. March is a great time to upgrade your TV system, as the new year’s models are typically released in April. So, if you’re quick off the mark, you can snap up a good deal on the 2013 models by buying now.

Out With The Old

If it’s your first new TV set in a while, the changes between TVs now and those widely available just a few years ago are huge. Cathode Ray Tubes are now almost non-existent, with sleek and more environmentally friendly flat-screen TVs being the order of the day.

With either LED, LCD or plasma displays, these sets are great to look at, take up far less physical space and are much more energy efficient than their CRT counterparts. Extra features such as curved screens, backlighting, HD and even 3D viewing have finally created home cinemas worthy of the name. However, such radical technological advances mean getting a new TV and for many customers, that requires a radical rethink of their TV set-up.
new tv set up

In With The New

The latest home TVs are Smart TVs. In other words, they connect to the internet. This means you can comfortably use systems such as Ezyflix, Quickflix, Bigpond Movies and AppleTV to watch the latest shows, films and music videos on your home screen. You can bring a whole world of TV into your home at the touch of a button.

Most new technology is designed to operate intuitively, but if you’re not familiar with the internet and how digital TVs work, Picture Perfect will come and set up your system for you. We can explain how to access services to make the most of modern technology. We can also upgrade cables and integrate your remote controls into a single unit.

One area where flat screens struggle to compete with good quality CRT TVs is in sound. As the speakers are slimmer, sound can often seem tinny in comparison to the booming speakers on traditional TVs. The simplest remedy for this, when setting up a new TV, is to invest in a soundbar. Picture Perfect can set one up for you, as well as integrating several speakers and amplifiers. The choice is yours.

Wall To Wall Experience

When investing in a sleeker TV, customers tend to want to rid themselves of bulky old TV cabinets and prefer instead to have them mounted on the wall. This keeps the screen at eye height, frees up valuable floor space and looks much more modern and discreet.

Although it might seem like a simple task to keep your wall and TV sleek and uncluttered, cables and connections can make it difficult. Picture Perfect provides a package solution, running and hiding unsightly cables up the walls and even discreetly positioning DVD players and set-top boxes for you.

Crucially, no picture is perfect unless the homeowner can operate their system. So, whenever we mount a TV, we’ll always give you basic training in how to use your new technology.

So what are you waiting for? Give Picture Perfect a call today on 1300 700 271 for a no obligation quote.