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Our Antenna Installation: Three Basic Steps

If you live in or near Brisbane and your television reception isn’t what it should be, then we at Picture Perfect can help. Brisbane television service is now 100 percent digital. If you have an older, non-digital TV antenna, then there’s a good chance that you’re missing some frequencies and will not be able to tune all of your channels properly. In fact, if you have a pre-digital antenna, you are probably missing channels that you should be receiving. You don’t have to put up with it. It’s not too costly to have a new digital antenna installed. Here’s how it works.

1. A Free Survey

with the client
We’re not a one-size-fits-all operation. We’re interested in giving you a television signal that’s really going to make a difference in the quality of your viewing. So, we don’t just come in and slap up a new antenna. We start by evaluating your current set-up.

If you live in or near Brisbane or Caboolture or on the Sunshine Coast, just make an appointment with us. Our technicians will show up on time, ready to test your existing antenna and sort out the signal strength and directionality in your location using special digital signal strength detectors and direction finders. We’ll identify exactly where your digital antenna should be located and how it should be positioned for the strongest and most consistent digital signal reception. We’ll take note of the types of connectors we’ll need and of any additional work that might be necessary to safely and securely mount your antenna to your house or building.

2. Look at the Options

signal test
After we’ve evaluated the signal strength at your location and the adequacy of your current antenna, we’ll give you a free quote. If there’s more than one course of action that will improve your TV reception, then we’ll list the options and their costs and let you decide. We can help you choose between well respected brands like Signalmax, Matchmaker, Kingray and Hills. Our 20 years of experience in installing and optimising television antennas means that we’re well qualified to advise you. We’ll tell you exactly which models of antenna have the bandwidth you need to make use of the full breadth of digital signal that you have available at your home or business.

3. Let Us Do the Work

van and aerial
After you’ve decided on an option, we’ll carry out whatever work is needed. We will come on time and ready to get things done right. Your antenna will be installed at the proper height and in the best orientation. We’ll use top quality cables to connect the antenna to your entertainment system. We work with RG-6 and RG-11 quad-shielded coaxial cable with f-type connectors. Ask anyone who knows audio-visual hardware: those are the best cables to use for a digital signal.

Whether you’re fed up with a poor quality signal or moving into a new place, Picture Perfect can help get your entertainment system up to speed, at speed. We’ll act fast, sometimes within a day, and the quality of our work is second to none. If you want things done right and done quickly and you’re in the Brsibane area, then call Picture Perfect or contact us through our web page for your free quote.