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At Picture Perfect, we’re incredibly proud to offer a complete range of TV antenna and Set top Box installation and related services in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Queensland and everywhere in between.

What is a set top box?

set top box installation BrisbaneIn simple words a set top box or a STB is that electronic home appliance that converts Antenna signal into content on your TV. It is an important piece of equipment in your home TV system if you do not have a TV with a Digital Tuner in built. Set top boxes can be of two types: SD OR HD. Picture Perfect specialises in set top box installation of both kinds.

SD or HD ?

Set top boxes can be SD (standard definition) or HD (High definition). The main difference is picture quality, HD having twice the resolution of SD is offering a much sharper images richer in colors. The difference is more obvious on larger screens so on a 50 inch TV (plasma or LCD), SD quality will really look bad.

Another important fact is that HD transmissions have a 16:9 – wide aspect ratio opposed to SD which has 4:3 aspect ratio that leaves the 2 black margins on modern wide TV screens.

So if you need a set top box for your old small screen kitchen TV, a SD set top box will do. But for your newer HD plasma in the living a HD set top box it’s a must.

Set top boxes and PVR’s

PVR’s – personal video recorders are special set top boxes that can record TV transmissions for later view. They are also known as DVRs -digital video recorders, DVD recorders – digital versatile disk recorders, HD recorders -hard disk recorders or HD DVD recorders – hard disk digital versatile disk recorders . Usually the content is recorder on an internal HDD (hard disk drive) but some models use external USB HDD or thumb drives.


As you can see there are different options when it comes to choose the right equipment. One important aspect is to see if your existing TV is compatible with the Set top box you intend to buy. For example you will not need a HD set top box with an HDMI connection while you TV set has only an old SCART input.

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There are many options in that STB market featuring big names like Sony, Panasonic Akai, and also some industry specific ones like Nextwave, Humax, Strong, Olin, Topfield, Kogan , etc set top boxes at different prices and with different features.

Picture Perfect Digital set top box

Although we can install and setup any STB or PVR of your choice Picture Perfect which is a government approved digital advisor recommends Nextwave and Humax – digitally approved products which are reliable, rich in features and easy to use.

They offer all range of SD & HD digital set top boxes and PVRs with excellent quality and price.

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