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Smart TV – changing your home entertainment for good !

Smart TV – TV of The Future is here


If you ever connected your PC with your TV in order to see a movie from your Hard Drive, a YouTube video clip or your favorite serial, you may say you already used a Smart TV J

Just that it is pretty annoying when it comes to control it. Although there quite a few solution of remote controlling your pc, these usually only works for the geek in the family. Do you think your grandma will manage to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your lap? Don’t think so…

We can say that Smart TV is a natural evolution of TV entertainment as we know it. More and more people get their content and source of entertainment from the internet. And also want to interact with it (Like, Share, Comment). And also want it when they have time for it. So old fashion regular TV must be essentially improved to keep up with these new requirements.

Here is a very nice video clip found on Intel’s YouTube Channel that describes quite well what is a smart tv.

So a Smart TV is that TV that incorporates in its design and functionality internet access, WEB 2.0 features and computer specific features. Besides watching regular TV shows received by cable or your digital antenna , you can browse the web, watch online video clips, video on demand, video streamed content (etc) and also share all of these to social networks directly from your Smart TV.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

I am sure some of you already have one of these new Smart TVs installed in your living; please share your experience and the model of your choice – we may review it in a future post.