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The best customers ask questions

“Sorry to bother you, I just wondered if you could help me with something?” The apologetic tone at the end of the phone is a shame because calls like this are often the highlight of our working day. We put our number on our vans and online to encourage people to call up and ask us for help. After all, we are the antenna installation experts and if you have a problem with your TV set-up, we’re pretty sure Picture Perfect can help.

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Question Time

Questions give our technicians a starting point to get to the heart of your problem and come up with a solution. Whether you call to ask about ordering a new aerial, getting the existing one repaired, asking our advice, or for a free and no-obligation call-out, a question can be the first step towards perfect TV viewing. Our team has 20 years of experience in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast area. In that time, we have helped hundreds of home owners move over to digital TV, set up new home cinema systems and installed extra aerial connection points for happy customers all over this corner of Queensland.

The best customers really want to understand how their TV aerial works and they find out more by asking our technicians lots of questions. Whenever we install or wall-mount a new TV or home entertainment system, we give customers training on how to use their new technology. The ones who are taking this on board ask lots of questions to work out what their equipment is capable of and find out how to make it work for them.

Learning From You

While we know this area of Queensland like the back of our hands, there’s always more we can learn from our customers. Asking you questions can help us to discover the location of unexpected transmission black spots, position aerials to avoid likely bird roosts and come up with clever interior design solutions to positioning a new flat-screen TV in the perfect location for you.

We also need to know how to make your TV system work for your family and your lifestyle. If you love to watch TV while you’re cooking, we can install an extra aerial connection and discreetly hide your TV away from the splashes and spills of the kitchen. Want to make the most of digital TV without throwing away your old set? We can fix up a set-top box and show you how to use it with your existing TV set-up.

The Yes Men

We’re pleased to say that our answer to most questions is a simple, “Yes!” Whether you want to position a TV in an unusual location, update your antenna or replace broken parts, Picture Perfect has a tailor made solution for you.

We also offer packages to cover the whole range of TV reception problems, from straightforward antenna updates and repairs to installing completely new antennas and connection points and setting up and tuning new TVs and home cinema systems. We have access to a range of brilliant hardware to make your antenna as robust as it can be to withstand the most scorching Queensland sunshine and the wildest storms. So, call Picture Perfect today and ask away: 1300 700 271.