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This is How We Test for Reception Problems

Finding out whether your antenna needs replacing or your TV setup just needs some fine tuning isn’t always a straightforward affair. You might think there’s a major problem, but having an expert check your system and reception setup can tell you what’s really going on.

A TV reception expert can save you the expense of installing new equipment by identifying problems with aerial location and signal disruption. So, how can Picture Perfect be so sure what’s causing your reception problems? What can you expect when you call us out?
Test for Reception Problems

The Voice Of Experience

At Picture Perfect, we have been working in audio-visual technology for the best part of two decades. That’s a lot of aerials and a lot of rooftops. Our technicians really have a bird’s-eye view of Brisbane, Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast and they know the area and its signal blind spots better than the backs of their hands.

Television viewing has changed dramatically in the last few years but service, expertise and ongoing training have helped Picture Perfect stay ahead of the game. Knowing problem areas where interference problems exist saves us time and saves you money.

Technology In The Palm Of Our Hands

Experience counts for a lot and experienced technicians can often come up with simple and low-cost fixes for reception problems, but where knowledge fails, technology lends a hand. Our technicians are fully equipped with a wide range of gizmos and gadgets, from signal strength meters to direction finders. We’ll always get to the root of the problem and show you where the difficulty lies.

Seeing Is Believing

It’s putting this knowledge and the technical tools together that make us the winning team, but the only way to put us to the test is to call us out. Our computerised booking system ensures that we always arrive at your house when we say we’ll be there.

When we arrive at your home, we’ll first check your TV set to make sure there are no loose cables or connections. Then, we’ll check the type and location of your existing aerial set-up. Our technicians are a team, so they’ll know if any of our staff have previously resolved reception problems in your area. There’s no manoeuvring of aerials on precarious rooftops; with digital TV, this is unnecessary. Digital signal monitors take the guess work out of locating the best position for your TV aerial.

Need new equipment? You’ll have a choice of the best branded TV equipment and you can buy from stock held right here in Brisbane. From simple set-top signal boosters to entirely new external aerials, we’ve got it covered. We will never sell you equipment you don’t need, so if we can adjust or add to your existing aerial set-up rather than replacing it, we will.

No mess, no fuss and no tricks: Picture Perfect aims to get you the best TV picture first time and every time. Call now to arrange a free, no obligation survey and quote.