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TV Antenna Installation: The First Step Towards Cord Cutting

Cord cutting as a concept is one that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. People have finally understood the simple truth that you no longer have to pay a cable company a huge amount of money per month for 10 channels you want and 100 that you don’t. You can access all of your local digital programming, which will include most of your favourite shows and movies free with the installation of the right type of digital antenna. If you’re thinking of making a break from “big cable” yourself and recognize that an antenna is an ideal way to do that for your situation, there are a few key things that you’ll want to keep in mind.

The Benefits of TV Antenna Installation

As previously stated, one of the major benefits of having a TV antenna installed is the fact that it gives you unrestricted access to all of your local TV channels completely free of charge. Many people don’t realize that when a cable company offers local programming, it makes an agreement with those particular stations in order to carry its content over the company’s services. These are called “carriage agreements.” Every so often, when a local TV station attempts to re-negotiate its contract for more money, the cable company may choose to “black out” the station temporarily or even permanently – causing you to lose access to its programming, even though the source of the transmission is essentially right in your own backyard. With TV antenna installation, however, you don’t have to worry about this, as you’re always getting content right from the source.
cutting your cable chord

Another major benefit has to do with compression, or lack thereof. Because cable companies carry so many different channels over the same lines, the audio and video content needs to be “compressed” in order to insure the most efficient possible transmission. Unfortunately, “efficiency” and “quality” are often two completely different things and this compression will lead to audio and video loss – even on true high definition channels. With a digital TV antenna, you’ll be getting full, uncompressed images and audio at all times.

An Indoor vs. an Outdoor Antenna

Depending on where you live around the Brisbane area, you’ll have to pick between an indoor and an outdoor digital TV antenna for all of your programming needs. Outdoor antennas are great if you live in a rural area or are located far away from local transmission sources. They’re much more powerful pieces of equipment that are designed specifically to overcome these types of issues. An indoor antenna by comparison is much smaller, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re located geographically pretty close to where all of your local TV stations broadcast. By having your TV antenna professionally installed by a Picture Perfect expert installer, you can extend these benefits even farther to help make sure that the antenna is finely tuned to receive the best possible transmission quality and pass it right along to your television set without delay.