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TV Antenna Installation Brisbane

Find Out: If You Have the Right Digital TV Antenna?

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New TV Antenna Installation Services, Brisbane Wide

You may need a new digital TV antenna if you are relocating or moving into a new home, or if your old antenna is too old to receive digital channels.TV antenna installation Brisbane

At Picture Perfect, we have been supplying and installing new TV and HDTV digital aerials in the Brisbane, Caboolture and Sunshine Coast Areas for 20 years.

We carry all renowned brands – Matchmaster, Signalmax, Hills and Kingray being a just few of them. We have been relaibly considered as the most favoured service provider for Tv antenna installation Brisbane.

We have antennas and equipment catering to every frequency band and all locations in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast areas, both in residential and commercial sectors. With the ease of a click or a phone call, you can have our experts survey your property absolutely FREE and give you a quote that makes perfect sense.

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5 tips to help you choose the best Digital TV Aerial

Digital and HDTV Antenna Specs: Specifications are dictated by the type and the quality of the signal at your location.

  • (a) Antenna Type: TV

    Antennas for UHF and VHF channels are made differently. VHF has larger and more spars spaced farther apart in the horizontal direction along a central bar. A UHF aerial is usually with fewer spars placed closer to each other along a vertical center bar. Size and type will depend upon what kind of signals you have at your place.

  • (b) Antenna Gain:

    A measure of the receiving potential, gain varies inversely with signal strength. A higher gain antenna is thus needed for lower signal strength, and vice versa.

  • (c) Antenna Bandwidth:
  • Bandwidth tells you which particular bands (and channels) your digital TV aerial is capable of receiving. Going for a multiband Tv antennas where you don’t need it will be wasteful, while sticking to an old antenna where you have additional channels available will deprive you of many digital and HDTV channels.
  • (d) Antenna Installation:

    Installation at proper height and precise alignment to signal direction are important, if you want peak performance from your digital TV.

  • (e) Connecting Media:

    A lot depends upon the type of cable, connectors and splitters connecting your aerial to your digital TV. An RG-6 or RG-11 quad-shielded coaxial cable and F-type connectors are recommended for an enhanced digital experience.

Antenna Upgrade

Your old TV aerials or TV antennas may be good enough for receiving digital signals if – and here’s the catch – it has the right specs and is correctly installed. Most of the older antennas in or around Brisbane may not be able to receive on some or all of the new digital frequencies.

Picture Perfect Aerial Installation

We can upgrade your old antenna and make it ready to receive digital channels at a fraction of the cost new TV aerial installation. With over two decades of neighborhood trotting, we know each nook and every corner of Brisbane, Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast area like our own backyard. Our digital TV response crew is standing by to survey your location absolutely FREE.  For best TV antenna installation Brisbane, Call us now at 1300 700 271.

A perfect picture on every channel – that’s what you get with Picture Perfect.

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Here are a few tips to help you decide whether your old aerial is going to be good enough for receiving digital signals

  • If your old aerial is designed for channels 2, 7, 9, 10 and 28, you will not be able to receive channels 11, 12 and channels 33 to 36, which are the new digital channels.
  • In and around Brisbane, you may not be able to receive ABC digital transmission using your old antenna.
  • Unless the old aerial is not installed correctly, upgraded or fine tuned to receive digital and HD TV, you may not be able to get the most out of your digital TV.
  • You also need a new antenna if the old one is dilapidated, broken or does not receive on one or more of the digital or HD channels.
  • Click here to see whether your old antenna is still suitable for receiving digital transmissions in your area..

How it Works

With the click of a mouse button, an email or a phone call, you can unlock a process of seamless services perfected over two decades. Our lightening fast service for digital Tv antenna installation Brisbane procedures work in the following delightfully simple way.

  • Picture Perfect offers FREE survey and quote for digital or HDTV antenna installation in the Brisbane, Caboolture and Sunshine Coast areas. Our friendly crew appears at your doorstep, attired in clean uniforms and armed with digital signal strength sensors and automatic direction finders. We respond to your request in minimum time, some times within a few hours or less!
  • Picture Perfect experts survey your premises. Based on signal strength, quality, direction and type, we calculate the specs for your digital TV antenna and recommend the antenna that will give the best results at your location.
  • After finalizing the type, our experts move on to analyze the interface connecting your aerial to your TV or set top box. Coaxial cable, connectors and splitters are the things we pay attention to at this stage. We also ask you to specify the locations and the number of reception points you want.
  • After evaluating the equipment and the workload, we make you a very reasonable offer for the antenna system installation. The price we quote is likely to be the lowest around Brisbane, considering the high quality equipment and the highly professional services that you get. At Picture Perfect we believe in giving you the best value for each dollar you spend!
  • With a nod from you, our articulate installation crew spring into action and put your digital antenna system in place, causing minimum disturbance and finishing a top quality job in the shortest possible time.

Digital is already here!

As analog signals get switched off this year, people will be flocking to the stores in a last minute rush, leading to inevitable price hikes and service delays. You can beat the crowds and the headaches by acting fast; without the right digital TV antenna installation Brisbane, there’s a lot you may be missing!

The Time to get Digital-Ready is NOW!

Great prices and amazing services for digital TV antenna installation are just a click away.

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Pricing Guide for Tv antenna installation Brisbane, Queensland

  • Reception Assessment / Quotation – $FREE

Test Digital Signal with Field Strength Meter. Advise client on requirements to install (new) or upgrade (existing) system for Digital Reception.

Provide Quote to complete the install / upgrade.

  • Antenna Change Over – $290-390

Remove existing Aerial and install a new Digital HD Aerial to the existing Roof Mount and existing Client Cabling.

Confirm Digital Reception Quality.

  • New Aerial Installation – $330-440

Supply and install new Digital HD Aerial.

Supply and install Tripod Roof Mount

Run Coax Cable to existing TV Outlets

Install SplitterConfirm Digital Reception Quality

  • Install Clients Aerial – $175 + parts

Supply and install new Digital HD Aerial.

Install Clients own Aerial Extra parts (mount) will come at an extra charge if client does not have what is required

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