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Satellite and VAST TV

If you are looking to get your satellite or VAST dish installed and jumpstart your remote free to air or paid digital TV access, you just landed at the perfect place!

Picture Perfect specializes in providing and installing VAST and satellite TV dish antennas in remote areas and blind zones. There’s no area too far away, no location too inaccessible for us, when it comes to satellite dish installation in Eastern Australia.

Want to check out what all we can do to get you digital TV access in the back of beyond? Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll be with you right away.

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What is VAST and Am I Eligible?

VAST or Viewer Access Satellite Television is the new state of the art digital solution for providing access to viewers who have poor or no access to terrestrial digital TV signals. VAST covers all of Australia and will deliver high quality digital reception on all channels in remote areas and blind spots.

You are eligible to receive VAST transmission in Eastern Australia if the terrestrial digital TV signals are not available at your location, or are too weak to be picked up by a regular digital TV antenna. Existing Aurora users automatically qualify for VAST. It is better that you get pre-registered before you get your VAST approved set top box, as you’ll not be able to receive free-to-air satellite TV unless you are registered.

What do I Need Receive VAST TV Signals?

VAST is going to be available in Brisbane, Caboolture and Sunshine Coast areas as soon as the digital switch over takes place. Apart from a registered VAST approved set top box, you’ll need a satellite dish antenna of 65 cm diameter or above. You must also be a registered VAST user and have a smart card (issued by VAST dealers) to have access.

Picture Perfect gives you single touch access to everything you need for receiving digital satellite TV signals. Want to know more? Why not give PP a call?

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How do I Get my VAST or Satellite Dish Installed?

Engaging the wrong company for getting your satellite dish installed can make you wait and leave you with bad reception at the end of the day. With a 20 years track record of fast and reliable installations, Picture Perfect is pleased to help.

With a single phone call or email, we shall send our team of experts to your place along with everything you need for receiving VAST or any other satellite TV signals. Whether it’s a VAST enabled set top box or any other satellite receiver or satellite dish, we’ll set everything up to perfection. With Picture Perfect installing your VAST or satellite dish, you’ll have an enhanced watching experience on all digital channels.

You may be out of coverage of digital TV signals, but if you are in Eastern Australia, you are never out reach for Picture Perfect!

Call us or send us a message to find out how you can enjoy VAST or satellite TV at your location.

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