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Why Do You Need a TV Antenna If You Have Cable?

The television industry as a whole has come quite a long way, even in just the last several years. Whereas previous generations only had a few local channels to rely on, today’s modern climate sees hundreds of different cable networks, all broadcasting high quality programming around the clock. At a certain point, you will no doubt feel compelled to ask yourself the question of “if I already have cable television, do I really need TV antenna installation in Brisbane?” The answer is one that might surprise you.

TV Antenna with Satellite Dish
TV Antenna with Satellite Dish


Local Channels

One of the most important reasons why you need a TV antenna even if you have cable television has to do with the large number of local or “free to air” channels that you would completely miss out on by forgoing this important piece of equipment. Even though Foxtel carries a few free channels through their cable television packages, you would still be missing out on a huge amount of content without that antenna installed in or around your home.

Uncompressed Content

Another one of the biggest benefits that comes with the decision to install a TV antenna has to do with the uncompressed nature of the technology at play. Though it may seem counterintuitive, you’ll actually get a better looking picture and better sounding audio from an antenna than you will from cable television!

This is because the channels that you’re receiving through a cable provider like Foxtel are actually compressed prior to transmission. This is how these companies are able to pipe so much content into your home at any given time. This is also how the same company is able to transmit both cable television and cable Internet service into your home using only one cable. While the major benefit of this is convenience, the downside is one of quality – even when you’re talking about true high definition video content.

With an aerial antenna installation, however, you don’t have to worry about compression at all. The content that is being broadcast over the air isn’t typically compressed in any way, leading to clearer images and crisper sounding audio at all times. This particular benefit alone is commonly worth the decision for TV antenna installation in Brisbane for true audio and videophiles.

Carriage Disputes

Another important benefit of having a TV antenna has to do with the fact that it helps you avoid potential issues like carriage disputes. If a particular channel is available on a free to air basis and on cable at the same time, you’ll guarantee that you always have access to its content even if the cable provider suddenly stops carrying it.

In a carriage dispute situation, a channel may go “dark” on cable while the two companies try to work out a new monetary agreement with one another. It’s a bargaining move that is unfortunately all too common in the world of business and only really serves to negatively affect the consumer. With a TV antenna, this is one major hassle that you don’t have to think about ever again.

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