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Why Upgrade To Digital?

Analogue TV is now history in Australia, with nationwide digital switchover completed just before Christmas 2013. If you’re watching TV now, you have at least one reasonable digital TV setup but if your picture is less than perfect, you are missing out on channels, or you have more than one TV in the house, you might well be considering upgrading other TVs to digital.
upgrade to digital tv

Designed For Digital

The reasoning behind the digital switchover is simple. Digital TV frees up broadcasting space for more channels, giving you more choice and releasing bandwidth for other services. With built-in features like an electronic programme guide (or EPG) and interactive technology, digital TV gives you, the viewer, more control over what you choose to watch.
Digital TV also benefits from better picture and sound quality and enables you to enjoy new viewing technology, such as high definition TV. Throughout the world, broadcasters have switched to digital TV and increasingly, new programmes are made in a digital-only format.

Reassessing Your Reception

As with analogue TV, most Australians receive their digital TV through an antenna installed on their roof. If you have a digital TV aerial (and the good news is, most aerials made this century can receive digital signals) but still don’t receive the expected free-to-air channels or have a poor signal quality, Picture Perfect can help. In the Queensland area, you should be able to enjoy 19 free-to-air digital channels. If you don’t and re-tuning doesn’t help, you may need to improve your digital TV reception.
Our antenna installers have great experience and knowledge of the best positioning for aerials to receive digital TV in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast area. We can also help to identify possible obstructions and interference and will check your current antenna installation for physical damage, loose cables and poor connections.
Whether you have a signal problem with a simple solution, need help re-tuning your TV or require a completely new antenna installation, take advantage of our 20 years’ of installation experience to create the perfect TV set up for your home.

Multiple Screenings

Once you have a digital TV set up and the correct antenna installation, you should have all you need to enjoy digital TV perfectly. If you want to enjoy digital TV in other rooms, however, you might want to increase the number of TVs you have that can receive the digital signal.
While digital TVs are the simplest and sleekest way to enjoy the new TV experience, you can convert almost any TV to receive digital by using a set-top box, a personal video recorder (PVR) or a subscription TV service.
Picture Perfect can help to install your new TV equipment and peripherals, while taking the time and care to discreetly hide cables and wall-mounted screens. Our experienced technicians will also show you how your new TV system operates and make sure you can get the most out of all the new services.
Want to enjoy digital in a room with no current aerial connection? No problem; our team can install aerial connection points in any room you choose. Whether you choose Freeview or VAST or opt for a subscription service such as Foxtel or Optus, Picture Perfect can provide at-home tutorials on the equipment you will be using and help you out with advice on the reception and services that are available in your area.